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About the master-class ``Lifting make-up`` of Goar Avetisyan

The online master-class

NOVEMBER 11 from 12.00 to 17.00 + the master-class is available during the following 14 days

You learn:

  • 1 look: Lifting make-up.
    2 look: An evening make-up with an arrow for the hung century

1. How to pick up the best base under a make-up for age skin and not only;
2. Work secrets with the skin which has lost elasticity;
3. Features of correction of the person with effect of tightening;
4. The most actual products for creation of an ideal age make-up.
Also you learn:

1. Competently to work with the hung eyelid;
2. To draw eyebrows which thresh;
3. To the stage-by-stage scheme of work with false eyelashes.
4. To select ideal shades during the work with age clients.
5. To work at pencil equipment: creation of an ideal shape of eyes for an evening make-up.
6. To work with pigments, competent arrangement of color accents.




2018/11/10 23:39:18

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Goar Avetisyan

Goar Avetisyan is a world famous makeup artist from Russia. She is well known for her brilliant makeovers. She was a “makeup artist of the year” according to the website PUDRA.RU; she is also “the best makeup artist with the stunning transformation” according to the Daily Mail. She is the only Russian makeup artist who collaborates with MAC Cosmetics. You can also see Goar Avetisyan on TV, where she has her own program about beauty and makeovers.

Goar Avetisyan is a founder and a lead trainer of her own makeup school. The school is located in the center of Moscow. Here you can learn how to enhance your beauty and to conceal your imperfections.

Her key to success is to work hard and enjoy her job. People love her not only because of her amazing makeovers, but also for her personal qualities: wonderful sense of humor and kindness.

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